Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Hip Hop and Manhood - 50 cent- candy shop analysis

1.What are the men/women doing?
 The man, 50 cent is walking into his mansion as the door opens a women says "welcome to the candy shop" (the women is the other artist -Olivier-, which features in the track.) When she says that, she welcomes 50 cent and the first thing you see in the mansion is a bunch of girls walking around.

2.How are the men/women dressed? 50 cent is wearing baggy clothing that expresses the type of person he is and what music he's into. Rappers and hip hop artists are known to wear baggy, loose clothing which is different to other genres such as rock or heavy metal, where the artist wears black, tight leather clothing. 

The women in the video such as Olivia (The person who featured in 50 cents track) was wearing a short black dress, which is revealing, which could appeal the male audience. She looks very provocative, drawing in the viewers and also 50 cent into the mansion.
3.Describe the body language of the men/women: are they sitting, standing? 
 In this video there are no certain dance routines until Olivia starts singing in the chorus. 50 cent and all the girls are seen throughout the video, dancing along to his song in a seductive manner, however only Olivia's bit has a dance routine with other girls. All the girls are half- naked showing off their bodies. 
4.Where is the video taking place? The video is taking place in a mansion.
5.What is the message of the song?  The message of the video is sex.
6.What is the story of the video? The story of the video is showing that a hip hop star has lots of girls.
7.What objects are shown in the video? (cars, jewellery )
8.What is the general atmosphere? Seductive
Summarise: do videos help to establish a stereotype of a pop star?

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  1. Zain this is focused on the wrong questions please redo. (this is unfortunate as some of the points you have here show potential)