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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Induction Task 1

This is the Waterloo Road School logo. As you can see the designers have made it look like tables which have been damaged, broken or even flipped over. It's a smart design to show how corrupt the school is and how little the teachers and students care about it.

These are the cast members for Waterloo Road:
The wide range of characters in this program/ TV series all show how much they hate the school. They couldn't care less about anything to do with it.

The program is to be broadcasted every thursday at 8 o'clock on BBC. You can also watch replays on BBC I Player. The Waterloo Road program is broadcasted on thursdays at 8 because of the watershed. Waterloo Road is on before the watershed because it isn't as rude as the other shows shown after the watershed. The watershed starts on 9pm and ends at 5:30 am . After the watershed the shows are more explicit than the other shows before the watershed. The shows contains more sexual content, more graphic violence,nudity, horror, gambling, drug use , graphic and distressing imagery and offensive language. It's called watershed in England, but in other countries like Venezuela it's called "Adult time" and in USA it's called "Safe Harbor".   

The meaning of the logo is that the Waterloo road school program shows that it's about a bad corrupt school the logo looks like a bunch of. As you can see the designers have made it look like tables which have been damaged, broken or even flipped over. It means the schools a complete havoc.

If I had a chance to improve on the Waterloo Road programs logo I would put the "A" in the Road and turn it into a broken window because as you see at the beginning of the introduction is the window of the school is smashed. I'd also put a hockey stick leaning against the letters.

It is effective because you see the logo and you see that they are tables overturned. It kind of lures you in a way, you want to see what the show is about.

They use stereotypes to show what the characters are like, they don't want the people to think thats how the actors actually act.

To make the show more realistic I think you should add Nicholas Cage since he's quite a serious actor. In the film "Knowing" he plays as a University teacher and you could see that he actually cared about the students and the school. If he was acting he would take Waterloo road to the next level.

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