Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Album Covers- Connotation and Denotation

Number of the beast-Iron Maiden
The Denotations of the Iron maiden album cover shows demonic creatures which can represent that the band is a heavy metal band. Iron Maiden also sounds like a heavy metal name.
The connotations for this would be the writing suggests that the band is a heavy metal and maybe brutal band as much as the name.

Born in the USA- Bruce Springstien
Denotations- The red stripy background. The clothes. The belt and cap.
Connotations- The red stripy background represents the red stripes on the american flag. The clothes such as denim jeans and white shirt represents USA so does the belt and cap.

Who's next- The Who
Denotation- The sky, the way they are standing and where they are.
Connotation- The sky is cloudy with a few rays of sunlight which shows that they still have a ray of hope, the way they're standing shows that there lost and bored and the place in which they are looks like a deserted island.

Wish you were here- Pink Floyd 
Denotation- two people hand shaking, buildings
The connotations- The buildings look like they are near a airport, the two people handshaking represents that somebody is leaving and that there saying good luck.

Abby Road- The beetles 
Denotations- 4 people walking across a zebra crossing and old cars
Connotations- The 4 people walking across a zebra crossing shows that they could be at a place called abby road. The old cars could represent that the people are from the old days as much as the album covers.

Parallel Lines- Blondie
Denotations- Black and white lines in the background, woman in white dress and men in black suit 
Connotations-The black and white lines suits what they are wearing. What the 5 male characters  are wearing shows that none of them are in charge, but the female character however stands out more than the others in the white dress which shows that she's in charge.

Unknown Pleasures- Joy Division
Denotations- The cards and the black background
Connotations- The black background represents that it's mysterious and unknown. The cards in the middle could represent that it's a deck of cards being shuffled.

    Queen II- Queen
Denotations- The people in the middle.
Connotations- The people in the middle are the band members and they look like something bad has happened.

Nite Visions- Soulwax
Denotations- Pink covering the words 
Connotations- The pink represents that it is a girls band and because it's covering the words it could mean that "girls rule"

Tutu- Miles Davis
Denotation- The facial expression
Connotations- The facial expression could mean that it's about what he's dreamed of doing, or that he's very serious about something.

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  1. Really good effort Zain, although you need to be sure to show where you get the meaning from by using evidence from the picture/cover.